The Lord is Here

I knew things would be a little more religious in the Bible Belt. I knew Church was a big deal down here in the South. As one who attended Catholic school my entire life, and consider myself a Christian, I am pretty comfortable with the Lord. I am comfortable, but I’m definitely not as familiar with Him in my everyday speak.

Good Lord, Oh my Lord, Lord have mercy, Thank the Lord and Praise the Lord, etc. all spoken with a sweet southern drawl, are common responses to conversations down here. It’s taken me a month or two to get used to hearing “y’all” repeatedly every single day. I actually may have heard it come out of my own mouth as well (one has to assimilate). I don’t know, though, if it will be the same with the Lord. I’ve been known to invoke God quite a lot. OMG is common in my texting, and I do say Oh God pretty often, usually in response to something like crazy wildlife lurking in my neighborhood. Now, though, the Lord is coming through loud and clear.


They don’t call Charleston the Holy City for nothing. With numerous church steeples that tower into the skyline and a notable tolerance for different religions, Charleston has been coined the Holy City. I think it also may have something to do with its inhabitants invoking the Lord every chance they get. While northerners are known to head to church on Sundays, the South is famous for it. Sundays are revered down here. I thought it would be easy to take time on a Sunday to go car shopping last month with my husband who travels during the week. Guess again. Not one car dealership here is open on Sundays. One might think we are still living in Amsterdam.


Don’t get me wrong, I support a real day of rest on Sunday. I equate this to years living in New England watching the Patriots or the Bruins play. Here, there is a notable difference  in reverence to the Lord and southerners display it well. Last weekend I had the pleasure to travel two hours south to Savannah, GA. Smaller than Charleston, and known as its sister city, also with lots of church steeples highlighting its skyline, we were met with the warmest of welcomes and true southern hospitality. It is a joy to experience, if you’re like me, northern born and bred. While on a friendly tour of this historic town on Sunday morning, filled with stories of military men, past Presidents and ghosts galore, we passed by a few churches filled to the brim with patrons. What struck me most were the dresses, hats, fancy shoes and bags on the very well dressed women. Sunday is THE day. And this tour was the only thing we could do till after 1 pm.


While Jesus is here too, and our Savior, and the many many blessings bestowed on me and others frequenting church…. or the grocery store, hearing about Him in one form or another everyday has given me lots to think about. If people in other parts of the world are wondering why their prayers aren’t being answered, it may be because the South has the Lord working day and night.

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