Ode to the Stroopwafel



The stroopwafel, pronounced stropewaffle, found me unaware and by surprise 22 years ago walking a long and lively shopping street in The Hague, Holland. While taking in all the different shops and sights of a quaint European city, and very new to town, fresh off the plane for our first expat assignment, my nose caught the warm inviting scent of something sweet and caramel-like emanating from a nearby shop. Veering ever so swiftly toward what I now know to be a little circle of heaven, I got in line behind all the other stroopwafel lovers. I watched, spellbound, as batter was poured into the circular waffle maker and then drooled as hot caramel was poured on. Like an Oreo, another freshly cooked skinny waffle was placed on top of the oozy gooey goodness. As soon as guilders were exchanged, I remember rushing to taste the mouthwatering delicious discovery and almost burned my mouth with my first anxious bite. In a few quick moments it was gone and I was hooked! After a few expat stints enjoying too may stroopwafels to count, I am delighted to find these Dutch treats every holiday season on the shelves of Trader Joe’s, Home Goods and Whole Foods.


A true believer in sharing the wealth, those of you on this side of the pond who haven’t yet discovered the stroopwafel, go NOW to one of these stores and stockpile a few cans to enjoy with your family and friends. And maybe hide a few in your closet just for yourself. Hint – microwave for 5-10 seconds for that European market effect.

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