Food for Thought in the Holy City

Whenever I tell someone we moved to Charleston the first thing they say is “Oh, the food!” Charleston IS synonymous with good food. It’s actually beyond good and the abundance of choices makes this town a foodie’s delight. For those who’ve just moved here, and aren’t just visiting, like me, it’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There are so many restaurants, pubs, cafes and experiences to try, so many recommendations to remember. And just when you thought you’ve found your faves, another eatery pushes in. It’s all possibly too good to be true. Or is it?


I can confidently say I’ve never tasted fried chicken like I have here, mouthwatering drool inspiring savory fried chicken that gets better with each bite  – to be found at Husk‘s, Jestine’s Kitchen and Mill Tavern, all seriously scrumptious, and the list could go on.  Who knew that cheese grits were to die for? The first time I tried grits was at brunch at SNOB, short for Slightly North of Broad, and I was hooked. Every time I took a bite of the shrimp and grits I had to comment on how insanely good they tasted. Then we found High Thyme on Sullivan’s Island and were blown away by their grits and every other thing we’ve eaten there. The fried green tomatoes at Magnolia’s are divine, brunch at Leon’s consistently delivers on taste and fun and Five Loaves Café in Mount Pleasant has the best lunch, if you can find a parking spot. We’re almost on a first name basis at Sermet’s Courtyard on Daniel Island, and every time I drive by I find myself thinking about his chicken agnolotti.


Along with the outstanding food in the Holy City, friendly attentive hospitable service comes hand in hand with tasty dining. It’s rare to experience bad service and if you do, just move along because there’s a plethora of restaurants offering A+ dining just up the street or around the corner.

When you ask people what their favorite restaurant is here you may hear the same ones over and over, but interestingly enough, there’s always about five on their lists. Lists, plural, because they include recs for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, for a certain kind of food like Italian or southern or pizza, happyhour, cocktails, on a roof, outside, or for a special occasion. This should tell you that this town has it all.

It’s been a delicious five months in, accompanied by some unwanted pounds. Since we’re a few days into this new year, a fitness resolution is hanging over my tummy that needs to be swallowed. Luckily it’s in the 70s here which is encouraging me and all the other eager eaters to get out and walk, run or paddle those tasty calories away… to make room for more.


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