Yellow was never my color

It’s my first spring in Charleston and while baby birds sing sweetly and the sun shines ever so brightly, the blooming tree buds, bushes and flowers are causing me suffering like I’ve never suffered before. The yellow cake-like dusting covering my car, my house, my deck, my outside doors, my garbage can, the pavement and every single thing outside, is killing me.
This is no regular pollen, or any pollen I’ve ever seen or sneezed from. I touch the handle to my front door and my hand turns yellow. The soles of my slippers leave yellow footprints after coming back inside from my deck. My white dog’s fur has a yellow tint to it after a walk in the neighborhood. I even have to wipe off the pollen that’s blown in from outside on my full length bedroom mirror.
This is Bird Box pollen. It’s the kind of pollen you have to shut all your windows and doors from for fear of breathing in and setting off yet another allergy attack. I am so dosed up on Flonase, allergy eye drops and Zyrtec, I feel like I’m sleep walking. Karma has come for me big time for bragging about this warm sunny weather here in Charleston.
I literally try not to breathe when outside – instead of covering my eyes like Sandra Bullock, I hold my breath, watch what I touch and quickly move from point A to point B to get inside. I don’t dare roll down my car windows to enjoy the beautiful breeze or open the bedroom windows to feel the cool air because the pollen is out there waiting to get me.
This yellow nightmare we’re living in apparently won’t be gone till mid-May. What does one do for three months while this onslaught occurs? I mean, even my dogs are sneezing!
Yellow never was my color.

2 thoughts on “Yellow was never my color

  1. Oh girl we have that same think dust covering Atlanta each year. It hasn’t quite come yet, but when it settles in there is no escape! I think we would need to move west for perfectly mild weather without the allergens and pollen. Or maybe the blue ridge mountain area here. But certainly this is as unpleasant as I find the cold and snow.


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